About Us

Paradise Homes was founded in 2001 by two local businessmen. At the time they both had full time careers but had a strong desire to build quality houses and so they created Paradise Homes Ltd.  Complimenting each other well they have been building exceptional housing ever since.

Rod LeClaire, one of the principles of the company has worked for decades in the construction industry and has a remarkable eye for details and organization.

Gary Brown, the other principle in the company has worked for more than 25 years in the real estate industry and has a keen sense for what consumers are looking for.

Paradise Homes Ltd. is an all-inclusive real estate development firm that works from beginning to end on their projects. They purchase and rezone the land (where necessary), service the project, then build out and sell their own product, all in-house.

For years now, together they have successfully designed and built many single family homes, duplexes, townhomes and condominiums.  Many long term relationships have formed along the way with the subtrades, suppliers, and customers, which relates back to the best possible pricing and service from our trades, and repeat business from very valued customers. 

It is our desire to continue to provide innovative housing, well-built and designed for current housing needs.

"Paradise Homes appreciate that The Highest Compliment you Can Receive Is The Referral Of Your Friends, Family & Business Associates”. Thank you for your Trust!"

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